Unstable Ground

Mirroring Fields

(iteration 04, Febr 2023 - ongoing)

image: taken during online residency168H (Febr 2023), while performing field research in Meijendeel, the dunes around Wassenaar

For Mirroring Fields I am performing recurring field research in areas along the sea around The Hague (NL). Starting to engage with these areas during the one week online residency168H made me realise, that noticing in an environment familiar to me takes repetition and thus learning to get into resonance with the subleties.

When I am walking I am looking for gradients, differences, distances and continuities in colours, shapes and heights - things that have struck my curiosity before and seem to create meaning. I like to look closely or create a distance, but in this environment I feel lost in-between exploring and remembering.