Explorational Essays

a series of explorational essays, aiming to connect the dots of my artistic practice and research endeavours

#1 Beyond Happy Endings (2019)
#2 A Matter of Time (2020)


Hallways: Imaginary passages (2020)

published as part of a special issue on Brutal International Law in the journal New Perspectives

A reflection on the interaction between the inside and outside of the former American Embassy in the Hague (NL). Building on Harmut Rosa's work, the relation between subject and world is being discussed, with the building as subject. The Chapter briefly engages with the reconstruction era and how the embassy building was supposed to represent openness within diplomacy and in the embassy's engagement with the public - a relation that changed over time.

Marcel Breuer - Een monument voor veranderende tijden / A monument for changing times (2019)

commissioned and published by West, The Hague (NL)

This text engages with the history of diplomacy and architecture, wondering what freedom means, around the case of the former American Embassy in the Hague (NL) designed by Bauhaus architect and designer Marcel Breuer.

ArtScience Master Thesis

P.S. I love you - Or how I learned to love power structures (2018)

Humans intrinsically strive for continuity and coherence. Our realities are dynamic as they change as we receive, filter and imagine, to precede cognitive dissonance. The fear of meaningless voids forms the motor for the brain to create linear story-lines from experiences and information.
In this thesis I argue that the created linearity makes it difficult to step out of line and change social structures. Our societies are build upon structures of meaning and an opposition of active and passive roles.